#2018Powerful: Chicas Poderosas Argentina closed the year with an event with Google News Initiative

On Monday, December 3, the community of Chicas Poderosas Argentina closed its 2018 activities with a meeting in which 60 women working in journalism and media participated, with the support of the Google News Initiative.

The organizers of the community presented what the different work teams achieved this year:

  • Partnerships with different projects, including Hackers Hacks and Google News Initiative;
  • A more fluid and constant digital communication, including the launch of a monthly newsletter and a new design according to the identity of the community;
  • Participation in the Media Party, with workshops, lighting talks and panels, and face-to-face meetings with the community;
  • The first #PowerfulInvestigation on # AbortarEnAméricaLatina, which had more than 10,000 visits, was reproduced in national and international media, won the prize for innovation in workflow in the Media Party 2018 and was also included in the artistic show We Are With You which was held in November in Berlin.

Ideas were also exchanged to continue the work in teams – communication, financing and alliances, research and events – for 2019. To inspire us, learn from and give space to projects led by women, four lighting talks were held.

Milagros Fonrouge, an anthropologist of design, reflected on the uses of design thinking, with an invitation to adopt this approach in journalism; Abigail Rakower shared the proposal and achievements of the ADA, an inclusive initiative that would train women programmers and achieve a more diverse industry; Dariela Sosa and Natalia Quiroga Saez told how they make the newsletter Soy Arepita, to keep Venezuelans informed about the current situation in their country; and Tornado Rodríguez, Lucía Rovira, Romina Delmas, Mila Mangialavori and Tití Gutiérrez from 365 illustrated women, an artistic project that seeks from illustrations to make women and their achievements visible and at the same time provide a space for illustrators from all over the region.

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