Gender Gap + Data Journalism in Latin America

Chicas Poderosas  Mediathon 2016 Mexico City

Chicas Poderosas Mexico is bringing together over 100 women from Latin America and the United States to apply data journalism skills to the issue of gender inequality.  For two days, the participants will explore how to create engaging digital narratives and products that expose the gender issues in Latin America, especially feminicide, a crime of deliberate, violent and often unexposed killing of women, poverty, and lack of education. 

At this conference, participants will work hands-on with industry experts to learn how to apply data visualization tools and digital storytelling tools to create stories or products that focus on the gender issues affecting women and the resulting social and economic impact.  At the end of day two, teams will present projects or stories that showcase how quality digital journalism can support civic engagement.

 Mentors from throughout the Americas will be present to conduct workshops, and to support project and story development: McNelly Torres (Costa Rica), Esther Vargas and Milagros Salazar (Peru), Raisa Valda Ampuero (Bolivia), Teresita Goyeneche (Colombia), Catalina Margozzini (Chile),  Janine Warner from Sembramedia, and Vicki Hammarstedt, Chicas Poderosas Executive Director (USA), among many other talented Chicas.

We thank our partners and collaborators for this year:  UNFPA, Universidad Iberoamericana, Instituto Simone de Beauvoir, Factual, Distintas Latitudes, SocialTIC, Segundamano and United Airlines.

Data Journalism to Fight the Gender Gap, is a production of Chicas Poderosas Mexico to be held October 22nd and 23rd at the Spain Cultural Center.

Since the launch of Chicas Poderosas Mexico event in 2013 with Marina Santos we have grown and evolved. We are very proud to have come so far and to host the annual Chicas Poderosas Latin American 2016 conference.

Chicas Poderosas is a global community of women from media, journalism, design, information technology, data science, and business.  We are changing the face of media one woman at a time, giving voice to women worldwide, advancing leadership opportunities among women in media, and supporting women entrepreneurs as they endeavor to launch new media businesses.

Our event in 2015

Our event in 2016

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