Chicas Poderosas: Building Our Future Together

Chicas Poderosas is empowering women in Latin America; creating a more informed, connected, and engaged society, and innovating on the future of independent digital media.

These impacts include bringing digital storytelling skills to disparate communities in remote regions of Colombia- putting storytelling into the hands of the indigenous people; a collaboration between Chicas to produce an award winning investigative journalism piece on the missing people of Mexico and Colombia; a Chilean Chica who launched a digital informational platform that helps civil society organizations share critical information directly impacting Chilean citizens. These examples are just a few of the outstanding stories and support our Chicas provide to their communities every day.

The Chicas Poderosas digital media training programs and events, the mentors who support the Comunidades de Embajadoras, and fellowships are key to Chicas. We believe that by providing digital media skills and networking will help advance the roles of women in media, this will open collaborations between countries, and expand our network of resources. Chicas Poderosas is a community built on a foundation of shared experiences, resources and collaboration, with the goal of creating a more informed, connected and empowered society.

Recently, our vibrant and robust Chicas Poderosas network asked us to look to the future and explore new opportunities for Chicas. While we have many great ideas, we’ve decided to focus on a new initiative that resonates well with our mission and the inspiration from our Chicas: a New Ventures Lab. The New Ventures Lab will be a fully funded, incubator for Latin American women entrepreneurs to develop digital first, independent media organizations and products.

We’ll be sharing more on our progress with the New Ventures Lab and how you can particpate over the next few months.

In the meantime, we want to hear your stories, and we welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas on how Chicas Poderosas can support you. You can email Mariana or Vicki directly at [email protected]

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