Chicas Poderosas Spain: our story has just began


The launch of Chicas Poderosas in Spain has been a great success. 155 people attended, mostly women reporters and a dozen leaders in their media as well as numerous students. Some even traveled from afar to attend the two days of conferences, speed datings, workshops and talks, from the Canary Islands, to more than 1,500 km, Barcelona or Murcia (600 km by car …).

Chicas came to Spain with a positive message of empowerment, which made a dent because it came in a country with the strongest feminist movement in Europe.

On March 8, more than five million workers had protested to demand more equality and Chicas Poderosas arrived offering tools to undertake that path, at least in the media world.

Balance: 155 participants, 129 journalists in the workshops, and a very good media coverage.

For the launch of Chicas Poderosas España we opened our own Twitter account to cover the event and exchange messages. In just one week @PoderosasES managed to have more than 800 followers and a great interaction with all the powerful girls. In addition, we broadcast live all the talks and workshops of the first day of the event through Facebook, with the inaugural panel of Clara Jiménez (Damn), Virgina P. Alonso (Public), Ana Tudela (Datadista), Noemí Ramírez (Hurry) and Magda Barrera (La Marea) achieving close to 1,000 views.

Featured participants

Noemi Ramirez, CDO of Prisa Noticias (El Pais), Clara Jimenez, co-founder of, Virginia P. Alonso, co-director of Público, Ana Tudela, co-founder of Datadista, Magda Bandera director and founder of La, Esther Rebollo, in charge of the “signatures” of EFE.

During our days we listened to the presenter of El Objetivo (The Sixth) Ana Pastor with Marilín Gonzalo and Lorena Baeza, who are part of the Newtral team, a start-up founded by Pastor.

There was also Ursula O’Kuinghttons, regional manager of The Civil Media Company, Mar Cabra, Pulitzer Prize for the Papers of Panama and Carola Solé, finalist in the Digital Media Awards WAN-IFRA and winner with her Petrobras award AFP team for her work Balas Perdidas.

A few strong quotes

“The gender perspective will soon reach all media, the challenge is for women to enter the boards of directors” Virginia P. Alonso

‘The escalation of women to managerial positions is the fruit of tenacity and of giving the breast, when the circumstances of life make it more difficult’ Noemi Ramirez

“Is investigative journalism something of men? No. It is something that ONLY recognizes men.” “In this profession there is a lot of competition, but it will be a little better for all of us if we recognize the work of the others” Ana Tudela

The number of unemployed has increased 9,000 but how many women? If they are 90% something is happening., That’s the gender perspective. Magda Bandera


Virginia P. Alonso, Public: “This first Chicas Poderosas event has been a fantastic experience …”

Isabel de Courson, editorial director international editions, HOLA: “Thank you very much for inviting me to this meeting, it has been very enriching from a human and professional point of view. It has filled me with energy ”

Ana Serrano Tellería, Associate Professor Journalism, Cuenca University: “Congratulations on a very necessary meeting”

Paula Montanà Tor, European Journalism Center: “Feeling energized after a fun and inspiring day with PoderosasES”

Thanks to all the Chicas Poderosas Spain who made this wonderful event possible:

Michaëla Cancela,Paula Guisado, Ana Gómez Parra, Esther Rebollo, Julia Rodríguez Arévalo, Carola Solé, Mariana Barbosa, Mar Cabra.

Thank you to our partner:

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