Powerful victims in a powerful project!

Chicas Poderosas is really about powerful girls. And its difficult to think about anything harder than talking about a sexual agression. But that’s exactly what some very powerful victims did, in an investigative multimedia project published by Correio, in Brazil. The report is called O Silencio das Inocentes (The Innocents’ Silence, in Portuguese).

Silencio das Inocentes

More than 20 people worked on the project, that was written by the reporters Thais Borges, Clarissa Pacheco and Alexandre Lyrio, and coordinated by the Innovation editor of Correio, Juan Torres, a Brazilian (data) journalist, that is also working to have some good news soon, regarding Chicas Poderosas events in the Northeast of Brazil.

We invite you to visit the report (in Portuguese) and check the innovations they bring in multimedia reporting. O Silencio das Inocentes proves that, when it comes to innovation, criativity prevails over technology resources.

Among the amazing stuff the work brings, there are, for example, the unceasing phrases the reader hears while reading the report. They recorded (with other voices, in order to respect the sources’ identities) some of the victim’s phrases and the reader can’t stop them in anyway. It is what Torres’s called “journalism of sensations”. “We kept thinking how we could make the reader feel real empathy with the vicitms, and we came up with these unconfortable solution of the phrases, which can bother a bit while reading, but which also keep you recalling the suffering of those girls. And the reader us unable to stop them – as any victims is unable to stop a rape”.

(Youtube subtitles into English are inaccurate in some parts, but in other it will give you some context…)

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