Media Innovation with Design Thinking-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Media INNOVATION begins with Design Thinking

Successful innovation must be technically feasible and have a viable business plan, but we find that the best results come when we begin with the needs and desires of people.

Chicas Poderosas will gather Brazilian media leaders together for a one-day workshop on DESIGN THINKING with Sina Mossayeb, a member of the board of directors Chicas Poderosas and senior designer at IDEO San Francisco, CA USA and Mariana Santos, co-director and founder of Chicas Poderosas Inc.

Our goal is to bring a diverse group of people together to collaboratively create ideas and innovative on how to stimulate and advance the Brazilian media ecosystem.

Human Centered Design PROCESS


  • We observe the inspiration. We learn by observing real-world situations, not just by asking. We begin with empathy.


  • We use our inspiration to visualize the possibilities. Balancing vision with actionable results is the key to success.


  • We evaluate possibilities through prototyping. We accomplish results by building and telling stories.


  • Building on Design’s fluency of thought to promote a more innovative and customer-centric approach to news and media in Brazil.


  • As the landscape changes and news and media companies seek innovative, up-to-date strategies to remain relevant, it is clear that they must develop new ways of working to advance change so that the customer experience is the center of everything.


  • We set out to deliver a collaborative workshop for participants from the news and media community in Brazil to actively participate in design thinking.
  • The focus of the program will be to equip participants with the tools, experience, and approximate plans to begin exploring how to implement design thinking practices within their organization to be more innovative and customer-centric.


  • Develop a common language for innovation and a way of talking about being customer-centric.
  • Put users at the center of design innovation in news and media
  • Detailed principles on strengths and areas of improvement in news and media, focused on actions to build an innovative competitive culture
  • New proposals, opportunities statements, low fidelity ideas and prototypes related to the challenges of the news and media industry
  • Integrate human-centered design into daily work and seed capabilities within your organization

This is a one-day workshop, facilitated by our team of design thinking experts, with the goal of presenting and applying human-centered design to navigate advances in media innovation in Brazil.

Registration can be found here 

Date: Tuesday,  August 22, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM CEST
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Fee: $100 USD

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