Chicas Poderosas Venezuela: Improving the Gender Gap in Wikipedia

Caracas, March 2017.- Next Wednesday, April 5, 2017, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm journalists and students of social communication will have the opportunity to generate and improve contents about Venezuelan women in the editing workshop #ChicasWiki, an initiative promoted by Chicas Poderosas and Wikimedia Venezuela, with the support of Busca tu Espacio, the British Council, the European Union, the Banco del Libro and Fundación Telefónica.

#ChicasWiki, aimed at young people, preferably female, arrives in Caracas in order to reduce the gender gap in Wikipedia. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about introducing wiki code, visual editor, text formats, links, adding and editing images, templates, creating and editing tables, as well as creating online references.

 The event will be divided into two days, the first will be an editing workshop, which will be held at Banco del Libro – Av. Luis Roche, Altamira Sur – from 8:00 am to 12:00 m. During this first part, the journalist and university professor, Marielba Núñez, will dictate a talk about Journalism with a Gender Vision. And then some representatives of Wikimedia Venezuela will teach the participants to create, modify and upload contents of outstanding Venezuelan women, not only for the wide trajectory in their field, but also for their relevance in the country’s social heritage.

The second phase of the day, the “Editatón”, will be held in the Digital Mega Room Movistar -Torre Canaima Park, level C2. Los Palos Grandes – from 01:00 pm to 5:00 pm. It will be an intensive edition marathon, in which the participants will write and edit the profile of the women of their choice, who want to join the largest online encyclopedia.

Participation in the event is free, but availability is limited. You can register by completing the form that you will find on the web

Improving the Gender Gap in Wikipedia

Between 84% and 91% of the editors of the Wikipedia community are men and only 20% of the content deals with women. This is due, in part, to the low participation of women as users in this web portal. There is a shortage of articles on the female sex, from a diversity of perspectives, topics related to their interests, and even there are texts with sexist views that reinforce gender stereotypes.

The Wikipedia community has recognized the situation and has presented various initiatives to reduce bias with a series of activities called “Editatones” – intensive marathon-type editing workshops – that seek to encourage women’s participation and visibility to edit different content in Wikipedia.

In this opportunity, the editatón will be realized with journalists and students of the last semesters of social communication, because these professionals work with the same criteria of rigorous and of context that the editors of Wikipedia. Powerpuff Girls Venezuela has set itself this time, training the communicators with the basic tools for Internet writing, so that they can extend the reach of their stories to new digital audiences.

The challenge that both organizations have raised for this #ChicasWiki editing is to add or improve 30 new profiles of Venezuelan women on the Wikipedia platform.

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About Wikimedia

Wikimedia Venezuela is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting and disseminating free knowledge in Venezuela. We organize cultural and educational interaction projects like Wikipedia in the classroom, which focuses on developing free online collaboration platforms between students and teachers and the GLAM project, or Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, which seeks to create a common space for This type of cultural institutions share their content in our free projects. In addition, we organize talks, workshops and editing marathons to encourage the general public to create and disseminate free content in our language.

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